Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike (Amazon Exclusive)


- Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
- The Red Rider Trike offers convenience, comfort, and fun!
- Adjustable grow with me seat and solid steel frame allow years of riding fun.
- Riders can bring their favorite treasures along for the ride in the covered storage bin, located on the rear of the trike.
- Handlebar grips and quiet ride tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride.
- Designed with an adult hand grip on the seat back, the Red Rider Trike easily transports to each family adventure.
- Weight capacity = 49 lbs
- This classic, easy to ride trike is perfect for children ages 2 ½ - 5 years.

Customer Reviews

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This versus fold n go variety!

My parents purchased the fold n go model tricycle for their house and we got this trike for our house. There is a difference! This bike is larger, so it will last our kids a little longer. Our two year old struggles to reach the pedals on this one though. She's average for height for her age. She can just reach them but doesn't have any extra leg to pedal forward! I'd say purchase this one if you want one to last longer growth wise, but opt for the folding trike by radio flyer for an average or small two year old to be able to ride and enjoy immediately. I know this will be great once she grows a few more inches!

Its Best Feature Is The Back Compartment

We’re fans of Radio Flyer wagons and walker wagons, but when it comes to tricycles, I’m not sure this model is the best value. We keep a Schwinn tricycle at our house for our four year old grandson to ride, but we needed another for our granddaughter. We ordered this, thinking most trikes are pretty similar.We were wrong. The Schwinn model is more solidly constructed steel, has real rubber/air tires and has better designed pedals. The plastic seat is more durable and has five adjustable positions. Most important, that seat is much lower to the ground. Our grandson has never fallen over while on his trike or come anywhere close to doing that. This Radio flyer trike just doesn’t have the same stability.Because the Schwinn trike came with streamers and a bell, we had to buy those additional items for this pink bike. The only thing we like more about it is the back compartment. All kids like to carry cargo, and ours really likes using that feature to haul all sorts of junk around. If you asked our granddaughter which of the two trikes she likes more, she’d pick this pink Radio Flyer in a heartbeat simply because of the back compartment. It makes us happy that she’s happy. If you have a little girl who thinks the same way, this may be the bike for you. Because of the plastic wheels and slightly smaller size, it also makes a better indoor tricycle. Maximum weight is 49 lbs.I’ve included photos showing the differences in construction, seat height and general overall appearance.

Good trike for toddlers!

This is a great product, however, if you are trying to decide on only ONE riding toy- I strongly recommend the Micro "mini" kickboard scooters. We bought a refurbished one of the company website and it has been our daughter's favorite toy for 9 months strong. In fact, I just bought an adult version because, at 2 yrs, she is so fast on it that I was struggling to keep up with her. (Another friend bought a Little Tykes version for her 2yr old and it is CLEARLY inferior- so spend the extra cash on the Micro for sure.)Now, about this trike: I bought this for our then 20 month old because it was very similar to the one my neighbor's kids would ride and our daughter would always try to steal it when she saw it. She loves it (just not as much as the Micro). Initially, she would walk it with her feet but, because the wheels are "fast," she was soon able to almost run with it. Now, at 25 months, she has learned to start pushing the pedals maybe 30% of the time. Older kids in the neighborhood (4yr +/-) seem to like borrowing this one for a spin around the block now and then, too. Only issue we have had with it is the splash guard on the front wheel occasionally slipping loose and sliding sideways or the "trunk" popping up off the back bar. Both are easy to snap back in place.For reference, she also has a Strider balance bike. The balance bike is good for her, but she is just now learning to bear her weight on it and "glide" every few steps. In order of preference it goes: Micro Mini, Radio Flyer Trike, the Strider bike.As I said, this trike is VERY similar to ones my neighbor's girls had from when her oldest (5 yr) was little and has since passed down to the younger girl (3yr). Both older girls say that this one is "faster" than the previous model. I attribute that to the wheels being different. So, if you are debating buying a used one or spending a little extra for the newer one- go new.

A great first tricycle!

My grandson turned three this past November and I thought it would be nice to get him a tricycle. I picked this one because it's a brand name and is one of the old fashioned type instead of one of those "big wheel" types. It arrived quickly and in perfect shape and was easy to put together. My grandson is learning how to push with his feet to make it go and just loves it. He uses the "trunk" on the back to take his favorite stuffed animal for a ride as well. If you're looking for a well-made first tricycle, get this one.

Sturdy plastic but I just didn't read the description close ...

The wheels are plastic. Sturdy plastic but I just didn't read the description close enough. It's a nice bike for my 18 months grandson to ride around the house and driveway. He especially likes the bin to carry ""groceries" or rocks.

Awesome tricycle.

My 2 year old is 36" tall and with the seat set to the closest mount to the pedals, the tricycle is still just a little big for him, but he still loves walking around with it and being pushed while sitting on it.


I had this shipped to my little cousin for her 2nd birthday ! It was a hit and stole the show at her party ! My family have sent me many videos and pictures of her enjoying it even days after !